You ASK…..


Q: What resolution should my artwork be?

A: We suggest a minimum of 300 dpi for best results.  If your unsure of your artworks resolution simply email it over to us and have is check it before you place your order!

Q: How do I submit my artwork and will you provide a digital proof?

A: Please email art to cheapestbuttonsnet@gmail.com.  Yes, we have no problem with providing digital proofs!

Q: I dont feel comfortable paying via the “Cart Checkout” method.. is there another way I can place my order?

A: Yes, just email your artwork, button size, quantity, and shipping address to  cheapestbuttonsnet@gmail.com and let us know how you would like to pay!

Q:  I would like to order 100 buttons but use two different designs.. is this a problem?

A: We have no problems with printing multiple designs within an order.. all we ask is to just please be reasonable.

Q: I need my buttons by_____ will you be able to meet my deadline?

A: We always work to meet your deadline no matter how soon it may be at no extra charge!  Please, email ahead to insure we can meet it!

Q: I’m not sure how to send the image I want on my button.. can i direct you to a website with it on it?

A: Yes, we can grab images from the web however high res copies are always recommended
Q: How long will it take to get a response to my email?

A: We check our emails daily and always reply promptly!

Q: I’ve been ripped off by other companies by paying and never receiving my order… will you send the buttons out before payment?

A: We can't send them out before payment, as we've been burned too many times by doing this.. however we can process your payment through paypal and that way you can always request a refund on your order through them and their buyer protection program if that makes you feel safer!

***** If your question is not answered on this page feel free to email us at cheapestbuttonsnet@gmail.com******